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The Youth Wing of Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation with its parent organisation Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya has undertaken the uphill task of providing platform to youth for world transformation by self transformation since 1985. Believing youth being the future, some fundamental issues are worked on by meeting, by sharing, by spreading the message of brotherhood, by developing spiritual consciousness. To achieve its objectives, the Youth Wing has prepared exhibitions, and brought out several publications exclusively for the Youth. It holds youth training camps, youth festivals, conferences, seminars, competitions, lecture series and cultural programmes. The wing works to achieve its aim with the help of thousands of young brothers and sisters. They participate in retreats and meditation camps to develop viceless attitude, strong moral values, divine manners and a well-rounded personality.

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The Youth Wing has drawn up a comprehensive plan to bring about self-awareness, character building, a new awakening for a social cause among the Youth.


Youth Wing Conference

The Academy for a Better World also called Gyan Sarovar, nestled high in the Aravali Mountains of Mount Abu, Rajasthan is an institution of higher learning established by the Brahma Kumaris in 1996. An international campus – a place where men, women and children can reach to their unique human...

National Project

The Youth Wing has been designing national projects to spread the message of positivity and the power of meditation in order to ignite youths to create a better world by awakening them towards spirituality and values. Spirituality is the best tool for re-emerging the dormant powers and divinity within our true...

BK Project

The Youth Wing has designed many self-empowerment training programs for BK youths which facilitates the process of spiritual youth becoming divine mirrors and showing the path to positive change through their personal examples. Rajyogi youths are filling a self-progress chart called Divya Darpan. During Intense meditation retreats, senior and experienced Rajyogi...

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