The body is a rented house, the body is a home. The owner of it, is “you”, the living, the immortal, the eternal, the divine entity, the consciousness, the infinitesimal point of light, the spark or the soul. You have just entered into these premises (the physical body) with prior agreements, conditions and guidelines. You are free to use it but, your stay is not indefinite. One day, you will have to vacate it. Against your comfortable stay, do not forget that you have to maintain it, when need be, you will have to repair it, keep it decent so that the owner may extend the terms of stay. Introspect and realize the offerings, the functionalities, the facilities and the supports which are provided by the 5 elements of the Universe which are earth, water, fire, air, and space as an invaluable, powerful instrument “the physical body”. It is not just premises but there are so many supporting systems to manage, maintain and sustain too. Many great persons had realized, though they had attachment and love for their premises but they had not forgotten their obligations and duties. If you do not pay on time or become defaulter, the owner is intelligent and powerful enough to recover his rent. Therefore, be a dutiful, a sensible being by paying your dues regularly through your good deeds.

B K Chandrikaben

Vice Chairperson, Youth Wing, R.E. & R.F.


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