When I see youths going to colleges, to tuitions; when I see them working in the offices, doing businesses, I see them as live energies. The energy which has spark in it. The untiring energy that has ambitions for the self, the family and the society.

Hey Youths! Keep going! Keep doing the good you are doing! But don’t expect immediate results, immediate outcome. It is well said that “you are not responsible about your position at the age of 18, but you are responsible of your position at the age of 35”. To persevere on your task will lead you to success.

Remember the good instants you had at school and don’t let them die in you. Keep alive the good within you. Revise the promise you made to yourself and to others when you were young.

When people do not fear doing wrong around them, then why one should stop, fear and suppress the good within and around us. By exploring and nourishing good things within us, the negativities and the weaknesses will vanish away automatically from our life.

B K Chandrikaben

National Coordinator, Youth Wing, R.E. & R.F.


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