• A Youth Dialogue with the theme ‘Co-creating Glorious Future’ was organised at Gyan Sarovar,  Mount Abu, from 5th – 7th  June 2010.
  • Participants:
  • Participants were individuals who had been engaged in serving the youths and working with the youths of various sectors such as educational, social services, health, sports, management, political and governmental.
  • Aims – Objectives:
  • 1. To rethink about the foundation for sustainable youth development
  • 2. To facilitate an environment of sharing of the participants’ dreams and visions for the youth
  • 3. To initiate a dialogue on the way forward for youth development whilst fostering the spirit of partnership and cooperation
  • The intention was to take them into an experience of spirituality within themselves so that they could harness this inner power and develop an action plan by using this understanding and energy in their personal and professional lives. 


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