Youth of Brahma Kumaris took the task of meeting millions of people personally and in groups to bring about an awakening towards spirituality and values. Thousands of youths walked through the length and breath of Bharat, knitting the whole country with the thread of love and purity. With the message of peace, good wishes and the vision of Swarnim Bharat, they walked across the motherland and lit the torch of hope, providing a new direction for re-establishing a new & better world order.






  1. I shall change myself, set an example and the world will change
  2. I step forward with courage to take up responsibility
  3. No more excuses, now I shall work for results and shall join hands in creating Swarnim Bharat




To inspire, to empower, to realize, to rededicate, to meet, to share, to break all bondages like addictions, bad habits and blind faith, to spread the message of brotherhood by developing spiritual consciousness.



Aims – Objectives:

1.Character building, promoting selfless service and spiritual consciousness

  1. Facilitating youth and children to formulate a vision & a mission for their lives
  2. Creating awareness about the advantages of adopting value-based lifestyle, to remain free from diseases such as AIDS, cancer, hypertension etc.
  3. Guiding youth towards creative and constructive activities
  4. Exhorting youth to envisage and partake in the development of  a Swarnim Bharat
  5. Educating general mass to give up blind faith, superstitious customs, bad habits and addictions
  6. Enhancing inner powers and realization of innate values through meditation




Say No to Drugs: At Samba, an addicted young “Sanyasi” publicly gave up all types of intoxicants (Charas, Cigarette, Gutkha) and committed himself to lead a drug free life. 



Team Spirit: The Padyatris were from 12 different states of India yet they interacted with each other with lots of love and respect.  They all were responsible and carried out all their duties very well.

BK Vinu, Padyatra Incharge (Jammu to Chandigarh), Ahmedabad – Maninagar Centre



National Integration: The teams of padyatris for this route comprised of young people drawn from 10 different states. 90% of the local communities were Muslims and they joined the Brahma Kumaris to welcome the padyatris, to host and organise a variety of programs. This journey was a living proof that we are one family of God.

BK Neelam, Padyatra Incharge, Nainital to Chandigarh



In the Line of Duty: 80 Policemen in Kishangarh took a pledge of giving up drug/tobacco habits at the Police Training Centre in the presence of the Deputy Director, Police Training College.  It is only when people in positions of responsibility make commitments to become role models that the world will become a better      place. (Padyatra – Mount Abu to Jaipur)



Haryana Hero Day: 23rd September 2006 was the Haryana Hero day and it was on this day in Sirsa that the inaugural function of the padyatra took place.  The Brahma Kumaris and the District Administration celebrated this special day by honoring the families of Martyrs of Sirsa district during the inaugural function. (Padyatra – Sirsa to Jaipur)



Adults become Role Models: A trustee of Gayatri Temple of Jasdan (Dist. Rajkot, Gujarat) gave up his 40 years old habit of smoking and a professor of Vaso College declared his determination to give up the addiction of Gutka in the presence of students and staff members. (Padyatra – Jamnagar to Vadodara)



Lighting A Candle: “Just as one candle can light the other and can take away darkness from the room. The padyatris are enlightening the spirits of the citizens of India by giving their time to walk for a Golden Bharat, which was the dream of Mahatma Gandhi”.

Mr. Krishna Mohan Seth, Governor of Chattisgarh. (Padyatra – Nagpur to Raipur)



The Mayor joins in: Honorable Mayor of Kurnool, Sri Raghurama Reddy participated in the Peace March of a distance of 1 KM along with his staff members. Inspired by the padyatra, Honorable Mayor declared that his party members shall also conduct a similar “Padyatra” for “A Green and Clean” Kurnool city. (Padyatra – Chennai to Hyderabad)

Changing Habits: In the village of Mopada, many men and women out of the gathered villagers came forward publicly to renounce the bad habits that they had. (Padyatra – Vizianagaram to Hyderabad)



Sowing seeds of compassion: 45 HIV Positive Case Children (Age between 3 and 18) were engaged and entertained by the yatris by giving lectures on meditation, songs and short stories on mercy and love.  Counselling sessions were conducted to elder HIV Positive Case Patients.  Mass meditation programs were arranged at a cancer hospital in Bangalore.  Counselling sessions were also conducted for the cancer patients. (Padyatra – Kanyakumari to Bangalore)



Government lends a hand: In Orissa, the Office of the Director of the Secondary Education issued a circular to the headmasters in Orissa informing them of the aims of the “Swarnim Bharat Yuva Padyatra” and requesting them to conduct programs in their schools when the Padyatra stops in their area.  As a result, 30 programs were held in 30 schools in Orissa. (Padyatra – Cuttack to Kolkatta)



First Time: The opening ceremony to launch the padyatra was held at the Raj Bhawan in Kohima.  This was the first time in the history of Nagaland that the Honorable Governor Retd. Left. General Shri M. M. Lakhera had opened the doors of the Raj Bhawan for such a public function. (Padyatra – Kohima to Tinsukhia)



Types of Programs:

Civic Welcome, Seminars, Workshops, Group Activities, Public Functions, Motivational talks, Speeches, Safai Abhiyans, Exhibitions, Video Shows, Road Shows, Dramas etc.


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