Youth Charter

Whereas we recognize that our main purpose, interest or ideal is to have our all round growth and development, which include physical, intellectual, moral, spiritual and social enrichment and lasting peace and happiness.
Whereas we understand that emphasis on any one of this aspects to the exclusions all the others would be undesirable, yet we recognize that our primary obligations would be not to give up or deviate from moral principles for any other growth and development because the observance of moral principles is conducive to the maintenance of peace and to overall growth and development of ourselves and our society.

Whereas we consider physical vigour, youth and social organizations as of great value, we recognize that it is the first principle of the youth to use these for creative and not for destructive purposes.

Whereas we recognize that the act of destroying school or college property result in obstructing our own growth and development, and whereas we consider the deliberate destruction of national property as the destruction of our own property and as harming the welfare and development of society as a whole and as injuring our own social fabric.

Whereas we recognize that due love and regard for elderly people is conducive to our own growth and development and that love from them can be had by our own love and regard for them.

Whereas we realize that young can play a useful and constructive role in the task of race and in the work of moral reconstructions and social transformation by self transformation, positive thinking, co-operation and active participation;

Now therefore….

We, the participants in the Youth Chapter of

the Universal Peace Conference -1984

For our own welfare and for the welfare of and peace in society, we adopt the following code of conduct as Universal Peace Charter for the youth and adhere to it in letter and in spirit and that we will persuade and encourage others also to adopt and adhere to it:

Though we believe and will continue to believe in the dignity of each human individual, and in our own self-respect yet we will always see that our notion of self- respect stands in harmony with the notion of respect for other individuals or groups, and, therefore,

We will consider humility, tolerance, decorum and peacefulness as a part of this human dignity and self-respect and will, therefore, shun individually and collectively, all forms of speech and action that are indicative of impoliteness, lack of civility, dignity or respect for others, and

We will not adopt such methods of campaigning, electioneering, protesting, ragging, etc., as militate against this spirit of being good and courteous to others and of being dignified in our treatment of all, and

We will not see films or read books or periodicals containing a lot of violence and/or obscenity.

We realize the purpose and usefulness of rules and regulations, laws and orders, and codes of conduct, and we will not obstruct or cause any hindrance in their enforcement nor will we force or encourage laxity in or violation of them but will rather co-operate by our own observance if them, and

If a rule, law, order or code of conduct is unwise, unjust, or not in public interest, or not of sufficient importance, we will study and assess its effects and consequences and present relevant facts and views to the concerned authorities rather than violate it without first persuading the concerned authorities and giving them time and chance to effect its amendment, withdrawal, repeal, annulment or replacement.

We will be honest and fair in all our work and dealings including our tests or examinations, and games or sports, and comments, criticism or appreciation we make of someone else’s work, views or personality, and

The terms ‘honest’ and ‘fair’ here will include the sense of our being sincere, active, efficient and diligent in our work and employment, and our sincere devotion to our studies and our scholastic or professional pursuits or any other of our activities whatsoever.

We recognize the importance and benefit of respecting elders including our parents and teachers and therefore, we will not talk of them disparagingly or insultingly but will instead be courteous and respectful to them, and

Though we will have the right to disagree with their views and to express our disagreement and to have discussion with them, yet we will not give up politeness, peace and patience in our relations with them, and

If we have any real or genuine grievances, disagreement or disinclinations, we will discuss these calmly with them and, if the discussions fail to remedy the situation, we will take appropriate constructive measures such as are not destructive of a peaceful environment, for we consider a peaceful atmosphere as essential to our growth and development.

We will not resort to force or violence or destruction of any property of the government or of any person, or any institution, such as a school, college or university, in order to give vent to our dissatisfaction with or disapproval of any idea, act or word of our teachers, faculty members, staff members or government functionaries or anyone else, and

We will not judge other youth or anyone else, on the basis of class, costume, caste, sub-caste, nationality, etc. and we will not have discriminatory behaviour on this basis nor will we discriminate between one person and another on the basis of his or her being a member, or not being a member, of a group, an organization, cult, culture, or religion to which we belong.

We consider the system of dowry or any other system akin to it as a great evil of our times and will, therefore, consider one’s acts of insistence on, or persuasion for, or promotion of the custom of dowry as inimical to the idea of self-respect and of the dignity of women as an individuals and as insult to women as a class.

We will not use intoxicating drugs or drugs altering states of consciousness, except in the case of emergency and as medicine only when a doctor advises these to be taken.

We will not take tobacco, alcoholic drinks or marijuana.

We will consider war as an evil and will, therefore, not have any military weapons or training except in an emergency and for the mere defence of our country, and

We will not take part in research, training or any other activity connected with the nuclear war.

We will not use our learning, education, knowledge and accomplishments deliberately for preparing weapons of war or the means and methods of adulteration of edibles, for establishing business or industry which disturbs the ecology or destroys the character or health of others.

We will use our knowledge and learning for growth and development and for peace and happiness of society and for the eradication of superstition, blind faith, hatred and enmity and for bringing about better understanding amity, and

We will not play an active role in politics or be a part of group politics in a college or university campus nor will we indulge in political activities in a way that leads to or is likely to lead to animosity, violence or communal bitterness, etc.

The above, however, does not debar us from discussion of political issues in our class room or campus in a constructive way and for the sake of comparative study as a part of our subject but we will not allow it to lead to personal or group bickerings or to take the form of a law and order problem or a hot controversy which vitiates, or is likely to vitiate, the atmosphere.

We believe that sublime humanism, springing from spiritual consciousness is the source and strength of both individual and collective transformation whereby body consciousness and vices will wither away. Our basic creed and our fighting faith outlined above proceed from the realization that the material advancement of humankind will take place by the spiritual ascent of man.

We will, therefore, consider moral and spiritual education as an essential part of our education and will make efforts to adopt moral and human values and positive thinking for our peace, progress, growth and development.

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