Empowered Youth Forum


The project was initiated in the year 2007-08 in 7 states of the country for the youth of age 16 to 35 years studying in colleges, being employed or unemployed. Hence, the project is moving out onwards.



Aims – Objectives:

The main objective behind the training of the Forum is to reinforce youth working in different sectors of the society by motivating them to inculcate values and divine powers for their physical, mental, social, family relations, economical and spiritual life so that they can face the challenges with courage, determination,  better understanding and be victorious over them, to be able to cooperate positively in rebuilding specifically the family, the  society and in general the Nation.

Slogan: “Let us value youth assets”

Concept: “Empowering Youth for a Shining Future”




Age:   Between 16 to 35 years

Group: From NSS, NYK, Youth Organizations or private organizations having youth staff

Group strength: 30 to 40 youths

Program duration: 48 sessions in 2 years, one session every fortnight

Certificate: To be given after completion of 2 years


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