Pause for Peace – Africa News

The Brahma Kumaris is an organization working towards world peace through personal change. Since inception 80 years ago, it has established over 8000 branches, spread in 110 countries with activities in many other countries on all continents; this includes over 80 branches in most countries of Africa. Regional Headquarters for Africa is based in Nairobi.

It offers courses, amongst others, in meditation, self development and spiritual understanding through Positive Thinking & Stress Management. We offer our services on a voluntary basis and are non-denominational.

Participated in major International Peace Projects:
• The Million Minutes of Peace Appeal, 1986, in which a Peace Messenger Award was received from the UN.
• Global Cooperation for a Better World, 1988 etc.

Regional Projects:
• Africa Peace Tour, 1986.
• Serve Africa, 2004 – 2006 was initiated to expand its activities from 16 countries to the rest of the 40 countries and Islands in Africa.

In Kenya, it has initiated the very successful projects: Write to God in 2012 as well as Pause for Peace initiative which was launched in 2017 which provides a platform for Kenyans to create a Peaceful and Positive Change for our country.

The success of Pause for Peace project in Nairobi last year has been overwhelming and therefore we propose, to take this project to all the 47 counties of Kenya.

It provides a platform for Kenyans to create a Peaceful and Positive Change for our country. It is an opportunity to PAUSE for a moment to connect with the inner self and God.

The Pause for Peace project was conceived during a time when our country was in deep political crisis, leading potentially to a very volatile and tense environment arising from the daily violent demonstrations. It is our belief that the state of our inner selves is a true reflection of how we respond to social, economic and even political situations.

The first Pause for Peace event drew almost one thousand youths from the informal urban settlements in Nairobi County who were attracted to this idea and took a moment and reconnected with the self and God. Now the proposed Pause for Peace Initiative takes this a notch higher to reach all the people of Kenya.

This project is open to all and mainly targeted for the youths to Pause for Peace during transitional times. The intention is to provide a PAUSE in an attempt to reduce students’ stress and anger and in its place increase their attention and positive response toward themselves and others.

Dedicated volunteers will be participating to ensure that Pause for Peace initiative reaches the larger population in the county and ward area including schools, colleges, institutions, hospitals, churches, prisons etc.