In today’s modern world of scientific Improvement, we are seeing that youth has much information but are not able to live life in a practical way. Kshitij is going to be the awareness for their way of life and how should they behave in such a world.


So under the umbrella theme of ‘Empower youth Forum’, a series of 24 lessons were prepared which are all self-explanatory through ppt, video clips, and activities.


Following are the topics:

  1. Positive lifestyle
  2. Positivity in relationships
  3. Balanced lifestyle
  4. Know thyself
  5. The Supreme Source
  6. Anger Management
  7. Method of Mediation
  8. Meditation – A tool
  9. Eight powers
  10. Integrity
  11. Unity
  12. Responsibility
  13. Excellence
  14. Work Efficiency
  15. Get Together (it is a session of feedback about what has happened so far)
  16. Practical meditation
  17. Team work
  18. Positive health
  19. Drama and karma
  20. Goal setting
  21. Self-motivation and self-discipline
  22. Communication skills
  23. Money and morality
  24. Addiction free life
  25. Picnic at Sadhna Bhawan


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