Over-Confidence: A Bias in Youth Life

The person, who is suffering from over-confidence bias will give more importance to the private information than public information. Out of research, it is found youth used to suffer from over-confidence bias. The research says over-confidence leads to either over-reaction or under-reaction. Either a person becomes hyper or lethargic with too much confidence on his ideas, experience and abilities. There is different form of over-confidence. A question was asked to a youth “how good is he/she driving on road relatives to others”? Most of the youth answered average or above average. None of them answered below average, means there is confidence among the youth. That is good! But one should have the true understanding of self-ability, knowledge and skill. Over-confidence leads to over-reaction; one becomes impatient and damages his future.

An over-confident person may try to see positively or a good outcome without sufficient hard work and effort. There are other forms of over-confidence besides driving, the ability to forecast, the agility to maintain relationship, decision making, good at job, etc. Throughout the day, all of us suffer from different form of over-confidence, giving little importance to other’s knowledge, ability and experience.

Self-respect is good to get rid of frustration, but true estimation of the self helps in choking out a proper plan. We have to accept the reality and act accordingly. Research states that boys are more over-confident than the girls. Many times over-confidence makes one dormant, lethargic and inept, will not listen to anyone and ignore the seniors or good wishers advice. Youth suffering from too much over-confidence demeans other but hardly act or initiate. It seems over-confidence germinates ego and complacency, many are often confident about their luck. Thinking self- lucky without doing anything, waiting for divine intervention, miracle, etc. are fatalism. Initiate, contact the right person, accept good suggestion and advice, march ahead, keep patience, every day one step, slowly, steadily increase your pace. A day will come when you can fly.