Faith in the Self

It is said that “Faith can move mountains”. Unshakeable faith is the foundation of a successful life.

The first aspect of faith is believing. Faith in the self is nothing else than believing in my own capacities, abilities, specialties etc. The more I know about myself, the more faith I develop. If I start to know my qualities, I will start to build faith in me.

The second aspect of faith is to have control over my thoughts, my words and my deeds. Faith in the self won’t be developed in a short time. For this, I need to educate myself, develop certain capacities, capabilities and have an understanding on certain aspects or things of life. Faith should have the foundation of skills, knowledge and capabilities as without them it is insecure.

When a person has faith in the self then only he can have faith in others. Faith in the self generates hope for the future. Faith in the self will remove unwanted confusion and ambiguity of life and at work.

Faith is the foundation on which trust develops. They are interrelated. Trust once broken shatters faith, then it takes a lot of internal efforts to re-establish it. Only people with internal clarity and understanding can have faith on others. Faith based on wisdom and knowledge is sustainable. Don’t confuse faith with blind faith.

Rajyoga Meditation develops faith in the self and consequently faith in people and events happening around them and faith in God. It is said to have faith in God, one should have firm faith in the self that I am a point of divine subtle light.