Live in the Present and the Future

We have all heard that everyone must live in the present and not in the past or in the future. However I would say that we should accept the present and have gratitude but live in the future.

You would ask why do I say so?

I shared a picture with one of my friend with street kids and said: “Happiness is spending time with street kids”.

To this my friend responded: “I am poor too!” 

I am sure you must be hearing or you must have heard that our thoughts create our destiny. So, according to this logic, do you agree if we continue to live in the present with the same thought “I am poor” each day we will continue to stay poor, don’t you?

What I am trying to say here is we must stay in the present but must think about how we want our life to be in the coming days. 

Below are some thoughts that can really change things for us:

– I am a lucky soul

– I am a giver

– I will get support from everyone around

– God is my spiritual father and my guide

– I will always have enough for life

– I am a learner for life

– Everything happening with me whether good or bad is part of my growth story 

A few ways to make these thoughts part of our life are:

– Put them on a paper near where you sleep and read them once you wake up

– Write them daily after you wake up

– Put them on your office desk soft board

Hoping these small steps help you change your life.

Best wishes for a new you.

by Rohit Gehani