My Meditation Experience

I am Girija C S (age 28), working as a Physics Teacher in a Private School.

In this article, I will be sharing my Meditation experience after joining the BRAHMA KUMARIS, a Spiritual Organization.

I have been practicing meditation since 2 years and I must say my life has changed drastically and I have no words to express my gratitude to this Organization which is making a huge impact in everyone’s life.

During my school and college days, I was known as a ‘Tension Girl’ because I used to take every silly incident seriously and worry a lot, which not only affected my mental health but also my physical health. When I became a Teacher, which is my passion, lot of challenges came across as I was handling the younger generation teenage kids. There were times when I used to scold  them for not doing their homework or misbehaving in the class, which is a common thing a Teacher does, but later I use to regret that, I never felt good scolding students.

Now, things have changed, I have completely forgotten the word ‘tension’ and I handle my students in a calm, positive way, and of course with a big smile.

People generally think meditation is like a big effort, difficult to practice and needs a lot of time, but they don’t realize that it just have to be a part of our daily life just like how we wake up and brush our teeth and then carry on with our everyday activities. My day never gets complete without meditation. There are times when I am sick or travelling or stuck with an important work, but I always make sure at least before going to bed or just after waking up to spend some time to meditate, this gives me the extra inner strenght to finish my day-to-day task easily.

I strongly believe everyone must give at least a minimum of half an hour a day to themselves and spend that time in silence. This doesn’t only mean to stop talking but also to try stopping the waste thoughts running in our mind. Of course, it is not a one day task to be completed. There is a saying “Practice makes a Man perfect”. So, with our continuous practice, we can stop waste thoughts and experience complete silence. I am sure once you sense complete silence within, you will feel a different phase in your life which is beyond anyone’s imagination. Through this you will not only feel happy, but you will observe a positive aura around you which will help you to stay positive in any kind of situation, and people around you will also get that positive vibes. So if one person spreads positively then all the people around him/her will be influenced by that, thus we are not only changing ourselves but also the people around us, which is very much required in this world.