World Cup Cricket 2023 and Youth

Going through the result so far, it is quite disappointing for England, but to the surprise of all, how can this be possible? Once upon a time, England the country who invented the game called Cricket, was invincible and almighty in its own format, how can they decline to such a level?

On the other hand, a country like Afghanistan who are passing through political, economic and social turmoil could defeat leading countries like Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Here the importance of passion and determination in getting success in life is clearly visible.

England team is disheartened, demotivated, and broken. Though they have the rich experience, resource, exposure and players, still what is damping their rhythm and efforts? What is pulling them down? Netherland, Afghanistan being new, the kind of eagerness, willingness and fervor they are exhibiting is commendable. The Hindi word ”Junoon” the die hard passion of a person means one is ready to sacrifice everything to have success.  Even South Africa had passed through very bad phases, because of political, communal and economical problems, still they are doing great. Match fixing also ruined cricket for certain phases, still they are resilient enough to bounce back. Resilience plays an important role in getting success in life. 

Two things to learn from this, no one is invincible do not be complacent and egoistic. Anyone can do wonder in spite of all barriers, limitations and problems. Poverty could not dampen the spirit of Afghanistan players. They must have practiced hard.

Practice, passion, and perseverance brings success which are immortal, invisible, and inexpensive but invaluable. In spite of abundant resources, legacy, network and money without the psychological power it becomes difficult. Meditation reactivates the spiritual resources such as wisdom and virtue, through which one can do miracle.  A person with illness, physical disabilities can do wonder in education and learning through interest, concentration, and dedication to be qualified to get a good job.

Means whatever may be your background through psychological resources such as obedience, consistency, sweetness, unity, understanding, sharing, and caring you can achieve much higher position than an educated and privileged person. Do not be complacent and undermine the enemy or opposition, be vigilant and active.