Being a Karmayogi

Youth is a stage of life when we are figuring out a lot of things for ourselves.

  • What is the right job for me?
  • Who is the right life partner for me?
  • How I can live a good life?
  • Which place should I get settled in?

And many more…

Across the globe, either our parents or our academic background or peers or society govern the answers to lot of these.

For a yogi, it would be the understanding of dharma or spiritual wisdom that would determine the answer to these.

What would being a Karmayogi really mean?

As students of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, we understand and live the life of a karmayogi.

  • would start the day early and be energized with the love of the Supreme Soul through meditation.
  • A karmayogi would then get ready and get nourished with spiritual knowledge. Unlike what happens in any satsang, a karmayogi would also think on how the spiritual knowledge can be applied throughout the day, make a part of his daily life.
  • A Karmayogi would begin any task of the day or meet anyone with a lot of enthusiasm considering it as an opportunity to serve others.
  • A karmayogi would use any breaks she/he gets in between to be in perpetual remembrance of her true identity and the real inner powers she/he has.
  • A karmayogi would focus on the right way / process of doing something and be satisfied by effectively performing any Karma rather than using result as an indicator of satisfaction. 
  • A karmayogi would enjoy the love and attention she/he is giving to the other souls around. Any soul around would find a karmayogi to be a loving and warm person.
  • A karmayogi would apply spiritual knowledge to overcome any adverse situations or deal with difficult people.
  • A Karmayogi would be focused on learning and before going to sleep would reflect on how the day passed and what were the karmic points earned or lost through her/his actions.
  • A karmayogi would be disciplined, confident and focused towards any task she/he picks up.
  • Finally, a karmayogi would conclude the day by thanking the Supreme Soul.

Such a life would keep a karmayogi focused on doing constructive and productive things. This would thus help her/him figure out the way ahead with a lot of clarity and success.

By Neeti Kumar