The Art of Keeping the Self Healthy

Health is real wealth! And everyone realized it during the pandemic. We witnessed health challenges, sufferings and trauma of millions. Disease doesn’t discriminate the rich and the poor. Keeping the self healthy, protected and immune to communicative diseases such as COVID-19, Swine Flu, Chicken pox, Measles, etc. is a big challenge. For a single youth, who is staying alone in any city for job or education, it is even bigger and frightening. To remain healthy in all conditions is subject to how strong the mind is, how good are our habits.

Doctors and researchers have discovered the impact of the mind on the body. The immunity system of our body is completely dependent on the thoughts and feelings, besides the physical nourishment and food. Thoughts affect the immune system; it can strengthen or weaken it. It is necessary to develop powerful, positive thoughts which will intervene in the nervous and immune system. And all of us have the experience or have witnessed how stress and unhealthy habits can affect the thoughts and interfere with the biological system of the body. Many a time we have witnessed how anger and aggression stimulate the body and affect the endocrine system to release harmful chemicals.  The unstable mind and unsettled thoughts are the reason behind many accidents and conflicts. The immune system acts like a defense in protecting our body from the invasion of harmful bacterias and viruses. Chronic and bad stress are the reason behind our detrimental body and mind. PTSD (Post Traumatic – Stress Disorder) is one of the form of chronic stress.

Meditation makes one strong psychologically and physically.

Having a healthy mind and practicing meditations will align all the major systems of the body:

• Respiratory – More rhythmic breathing

• Cardiovascular – Heart rate slow down

• Immune – Release more white cells

• Lymphatic – Improve circulation

• Endocrine – Balance hormonal levels

• Digestive – Allow the body to rest and digest. Meditation and good karmic accounts can keep disease free. Along with meditation, generous act attracts blessings. Good character, healthy habits and the practice of meditation act like a fortress against all illnesses. And blessings can do miracle in safe guarding the self from any accidents, mis-happenings and unfortunate events. Blessings also help in miraculous healing.  Vegetarian food, viceless  and disciplined life are three key factors behind a stable, long term healthy and happy life. This is not just a theory, but it is my experience and the experience of millions who are practicing the meditation of the Brahma Kumaris. So, to keep myself and my family happy, healthy and powerful, we have to inculcate and practice the above good things at a family level.