Be flexible, develop the nature of adjustment and adaptability

Youth has to learn to be flexible, malleable, and sensible. Rigidity in thought and behaviour develops conflict. There is a difference between firmness and stubbornness. Remaining firm is good which means sticking to one’s own ideology and divine principles. But being stubborn develops disobedience, carelessness and disregard towards others which results in developing hatred and bitterness in relation.

Adaptability and adjustment teach acceptance, love and gregariousness in life.

Rigidity teaches to adopt avoidance and uncompromising stance relation. We can see how the political heads, the heads of nations are becoming so astute and uncompromising in their behaviour and as a result war is expanding. Instead of settling down through discussion, negotiation and exchange of words, war terrorism and hatred are growing.

There are so many other problems to solve such as poverty, malnutrition, and terrorism, instead, money and valuable resources are spent in war and conflict. The problems which can be solved through understanding and tolerance are getting escalated in the name of self defence. Success lies in “live and let live”, in “sharing and caring”.

Communalism, regionalism and chauvinism lead to misunderstanding and selfishness. Fighting for power and wealth to have material pleasure makes one evil. Divinity, peace, wisdom, self-restraints and coorporation bring heaven on earth.