Defeat Anxiety and Depression

The world is becoming a shelter for depression, anxiety is increasing. Youth are avoiding gatherings, sports, and outdoor activities to be secluded. Many are withdrawing from active personal, schooling and family life. These are symptoms of psychological bruises or conflicts. Many a time youth are facing a shock in their life, witnessing the corruption and conflicts in and around them. They were having nascent feelings and innocent perceptions about the world, which were challenged by the harsh reality. In the European Union, more than 11 million youth are in depression.

How to cope with depression?

Coping with Anxiety: 

 Active participation in academic and social life. Keeping the self academically and in social services busy helps to release tension and develop patience.

  • Spiritual path gives us an understanding of the world and uplifts us beyond the material world. 
  • There is a divine world, the world of truth and true happiness and realization of the life beyond the mundane day-to-day activities helps in developing patience.
  • Rationalize your expectations, if one keeps the self busy with low expectations then one can enjoy life.
  • High expectations make one depressed. Meditation is the process to keep the self engaged positively at the level of thought. 
  • Forgetting the painful, sinful or abusive moments of the past and to start life afresh with a new beginning and determination. 
  • Let us kick start life without worries and hurry. Slow and steady wins the race.