Earth Day

When was the last time you went out and experienced a fresh breath of air?

When could you see the leaves glistening without being loaded with dust?

When has the breeze touched you and given you a fresh lease of life?

When did you last hear the rustling of leaves and twittering of birds and got absorbed in the vibrations of peace?

When did your eyes enjoy the beauty and variety of flowers and not be bothered by rushing into the next activity?

Your answer could vary depending upon where you stay. But most of this would sound like a euphoric earth to you.

This is the experience of an earth which we know existed in the past, which generations have seen withering away in front of their own eyes. Unfortunately, even when we are aware about this, we have not taken our agenda of looking after mother earth more than growing trees or not littering around.

It is strange that many of us consider being good to mean pursuing our goals (mostly economic) and not hurting anyone. In the busyness of our lives, we remain oblivious of the impact of our actions on mother earth. Many a times to get results faster, we use ways which are anti-nature. For example, use of fertilizers to grow crops.

We are leaving each generation with a poorer earth, and it is not difficult to arrive at a conclusion that if we continue remaining oblivious and lost in the pursuit of our personal goals then despite all the advancements and conveniences mankind has created for itself, we are heading towards havoc.

We have left mother earth in pain. But now it is high time to take pain for her to protect us and the future.

Here are few things we can do.

  • Switch off fans, lights, ACs, geysers etc. when not in use.
  • Use public transport.
  • Support electric vehicles.
  • Invest in renewable energy such as solar panel if we can afford.
  • Avoid polybags.
  • Grow vegetables at home.
  • Prefer organic.

Let’s keep adding to the list and pledge to slowly make this a part of our lives.

And more importantly be less greedy and don’t ignore our mother earth to get results soon. Remember how the weather became better during pandemic when we were mostly indoors.

Being sincere towards our planet means coming out of our comfort zones. This needs determination. Practicing Rajyoga meditation would help us to be disciplined, determined and committed to this cause.

This Earth Day, let’s use all our might and build a better planet for our future generations!