Navigating through the Web of Information

When the World Wide Web came into our world in 1990, no-one would have thought that we would feel like an insect stuck in a spider’s web. There is a lot of information that’s getting pushed toward us via different mediums. Whatsapp, Social Media Platforms, Email, and Television are all around us.

In today’s world, we need the information to do our work well and take advantage of various offers designed for us. However, what is happening is that we end up taking lots of information. We are stuck in the web of information. Whatever we do on the internet is being tracked, and we are getting pushed to take some action.

Now, the overdose of information is playing havoc with our minds and decreasing our cognitive ability to process information. Some of us are even having issues with our memory and tend to forget many important things.

The solution to saving ourselves from information overload is to give time to our inner world. Giving time to our inner world means spending time away from outer information and going inwards. Our mind keeps talking to us all the time but we hardly find time to listen to it. The practice of Meditation helps us connect to the inner world and keeps us sane in a world full of information. Practicing meditation helps us develop 3 superpowers that are the Power of doing the Right Karma, the Power of making Informed Choices, and the Power of working with good energy levels.

The good news is that Mediation can be learnt free of charge at any Brahma Kumaris centre. Practice of Rajyoga Meditation allows you to connect to your inner world and helps you choose information wisely.