Essence of Self Control in Youth Life

It is all about self-control 360 degree analysis. 

Everyone needs self-control. Potter to President everyone needs skill and delivery to perform task. We can see the controlled movements in science and technology to have better precision and accuracy. Uncontrolled matter and energy can create disaster. Self-control is very much essential in life to make life enriched and secured. There are various adverse effects of lack of self-control: such as loose talk, undisciplined life, disturbed mind, negative habits and accidents.

Self-control and balanced life are interdependent. Self-control can be developed through understanding, self-realisation, calmness, practice and penance. Penance is not about absorbing pain but to develop tolerance to acquire good habits in life. It needs correction of existing weaknesses and absorption of required strengths. When a person speaks and exhibits in an artistic and controlled manner consistently, he/she becomes genius. But one may have good control in certain aspects of life maybe not in all, that can lead to disaster. For example, C.V. Raman was a genius who discovered the theories related to light, but because of his lack of understanding about financial investments, his Nobel Awards money was siphoned by a cunning investor. One may be simple and studious to acquire good grades but may lack self-control for physical activities.

Holistic self-control is essential to make life happy, meaningful and enriched. Holistic means self-control on physical, psychological, financial, relational and all emerge out of the self-control of our thought process. One should have the understanding of one’s goal and the route chart to reach it. Self-control in behaviour can be developed through systematic method of self-realization, introspection and meditation. Controlling something need energy, strength and technology. Same thing in life and in youth age, this quality of self-control can make one a noble person. Passion, excitement and hope along with self-control can make one successful in every aspects.