Peace, Peace, and Peace

We all need three kinds of Peace: peace in the self, peace in the family and peace in the world. Everyone loves peace. Food, shelter, and cloths are necessary along with a happy family life. Adequate physical amenities along with psychological satisfaction ensure comfort. Most of the religious places are visited by seeker to have internal peace. Peace ensures self-satisfaction, love, and prosperity. Peace is connected to security. Security for the self and the family members for the present time and for the future. The importance of security is essential. None of us like to lead a life of luxury under constant fear and threats. Safety and security in every front whether it is pandemic, calamities, or terrorism. There are a lot of thieves who steal our Peace directly or indirectly. Despite all threats and difficulties, the Almighty sermons: Purity is the mother of peace and prosperity. Even God guides towards Purity and psychological power. Threats are not always external. There are internal threats also like an uncontrolled mind, unmanageable desires, and temptations. Peace and harmony at a global level ensure global prosperity. Local harmony ensures happiness and prosperity locally which may not last forever. Harmony within community and inter community hatred cultivate war. God is not limited to a group, communities, religion, colour, or language. All these feeling of partisans, divisions and groupism are by product of body consciousness. So, realizing the immortal self, the spiritual entity and the Supreme Soul can help one to have a wider, broader and deeper perspective beyond the visible physical body to realize immortal peace, harmony and prosperity.