Growing our career in harmony

Have you noticed any hard-working corporate professionals around you whose life revolves around their career? They would be spending a considerable amount of time working and would often prioritize it over their other aspects of life.

In today’s world professionals in the corporate world focus a lot on their career and success. They are gaining more skills, working harder and sacrificing a lot to have a career for self and children.

Isn’t this contradictory to the intuition that people would want to spend their time enjoying and entertaining themselves and not over working? Employees in the big corporates are ambitious and dream of faster career growth. Many are trying to go beyond the competition as fast as possible. This gives them a sense of meaning and identity in their life.

Leaders in the organization are also leading with an ambition of higher success and profit. This often leads to focus on productivity and cost cutting. Employees are encouraged to gain more skills so that organizations can cater to complex needs with the same workforce. With increasing digitalization and automation, several youths are going to have highly paid jobs which need special training and education. This could also mean that some jobs can become obsolete.

Demand for ready workforce which can be easily deployed means lesser patience to groom in organizations. Therefore, people focus more on gaining skills than being emotionally dependant on each other as business environment is getting tougher and it is ruthless out there with hiring and firing being a common practise.

Everyone wants to be successful but it looks like it is easy to have personal success and growth than ensuring well-being and safety of entire team. Maintaining healthy and harmonic team atmosphere can enable one to win the trust of friends and family members and eventually lead to more sustainable growth. It is certainly tougher to be a trustworthy, supportive and friendly successful professional. However, focusing on growing only as an individual only burns us out. It also depletes our meaning of life over a period of time.

To make professional career satisfactory, sustainable and successful one should learn and practice unity and harmony in the team despite prevailing pressures and desire for success as an individual. Passion is good but not at the cost of someone’s emotion, family and economic well-being. It is equally applicable in every sphere.