Secret of Shiva Ratri: Birthnight vs Birthday

An understanding of the word “Shiva Ratri”. The auspicious day of Shiva Ratri used to be celebrated as “Shiva Jayanti”. The meaning of the word “Shiva Jayanti” means the celebration of the birth of the Supreme Soul Shiva, God. The word Shiva Ratri means, the celebration of His Birth in the Night. The word Ratri stands for night. As per all the religious text God is the Father of Humanity. He is the Supreme Soul. He does not take birth like all of us. His birth is divine and unique. Though God is the Supreme, the Ocean of Knowledge and Wisdom, he still needs a corporeal body to speak and act.

A similia: in our world, even the genius scientists cannot speak to their distant friends and family members without the instruments like, phones, mobiles, etc. Just being an intelligent and wise person, doesn’t respite or liberate anyone from the dependencies of long-distance communicating instruments to connect friends and family members who are at thousands of kilometers distance.  Similarly, Almighty God need a corporeal body to share His Divine Knowledge and Insights to the mass. He needs eyes to express His emotion, feelings, and purity.

God doesn’t take a body to enjoy or experience life, he just needs the physical organs to guide us through His act and sermon. He doesn’t take a normal birth through a mother’s womb. God reincarnates into a corporeal body to play His role. His birth is mysterious, supernatural, paranormal, divine, and unique.  The uniqueness is all about the celebration of Birthnight instead of Birthday.  If any of us take birth during midnight, will we celebrate birthday or birthnight?  By default all of us celebrate birthday irrespective of the birth timing in the day. God descends on earth during the darkest time of the cycle through reincarnation. The word darkness is connected to night. The darkness of suffering, diseases, war, hatred, calamities, failures and debauch. The Sun of Knowledge rises to remove darkness and illuminate this world with His rays of Peace, Purity and Happiness.