Infatuation and True Love

The present generation is in deep dilemma between love and infatuation.

Commitment done out of infatuation are momentary and fragile. Infatuation is driven by fantasy and physical pleasure, and it doesn’t last long. Infatuation is driven by selfish motive and they are short termed. Indulgence is satisfied in terms of roaming around, with food and fun. There is no motivation of taking care of each other beyond certain point. A person with strong impulse and chemical force to fulfil temptation, suffer from infatuation. He suffers from loneliness, anxiety, restlessness and irrationality. There is excitement and attraction behind infatuation. The rising cases of separation, family fighting and enmity in relations use to be driven by infatuation. The irrational desire to fulfil indulgence by any means force one to commit any immoral and harmful activities. Infatuation lacks proper control mechanism.  Anything or anyone come as hurdle of infatuation means a deadly enemy. A person suffering from infatuation cannot be loyal, his or her loyalty keeps on shifting from time to time. Infatuation kill each other. Relationship driven by infatuation is highly perishable, it ends abruptly.

True love means respecting the feeling of each and other. True love is a relationship of supporting each other during the normal and difficult time and it is just beyond festivities and fun. It is a long lasting relationship and resilience. Love is in long term and it is maintained despite so many challenges, scarcity, and difficulty. Love makes one more emotional and rational, less driven by looks, physical personality, and wealth. Love heals each other, safeguard, share and motivate each other. True love is durable and robust. Robust means relationship survive and flourish in all hostile and odd conditions.

The Supreme Father, God, teaches us to love each other as a whole family. True love in unconditional.