Meditation and its Benefits

Meditation is a great source of solace for the soul. Meditation protects the soul from various sufferings. Meditation takes one into the essence of deep silence and happiness. Meditations helps in settling the past accounts. Meditation helps in maintaining good relationship and harmony. Meditation keeps one healthy. Meditation heals the past bruises of the mind and the body. Meditation makes life certain and stable within many uncertainties.

Meditation helps in maintaining internal locus of control, that is, it helps in controlling thoughts and life. It calms down the vibrating and noisy thoughts. It protects the mind from harmful signals and feelings. In the absence of any programmed thought process, mind gets hooked up into many negativities. Meditation helps one in designing its own destiny. It gives a direction to one’s life. It makes one’s mind firm, strong, and stable. It fills the mind with positive affirmation, aspiration, goals, and motivation.  It gives a push to the stuck up life. It liberates the soul from various forms of traps. Bondages are the reasons of such various forms of traps. It enhances one’s self-esteem to liberate the soul from various influences and attractions. Soul gets trapped, as to being seduced and influenced by someone. Initially all such bondages seem to be sweet and enjoyable, but with time it kills the moral value which pushes one’s life towards sufferings. Meditation helps in taking judgements on what is “right” or “wrong”.  Meditation not only guides oneself to take the right judgement but it also provides the necessary fuel and energy to act towards the right direction.

Youth age is the right time to start meditation, it is all about the understanding and the realization of all the benefits of meditation. Age is not at all a barrier, don’t procrastinate, start early and start enjoying life as early as possible. It is easy to mold a young and adolescent mind than a mind of an old, aged person. During youth age one has necessary physical and psychological power to do “Tapasya” an intense effort in shaping the sanskars of the self.

Keep on enhancing the power of meditation and make your life lively and enjoyable.