Meditation within busy schedule

Meditation is an activity of concentration, of focus which helps in stabilizing our thoughts.

Let us take the example of a young person who is thinking at so many things at a time, that is about sports, friends, watching or playing games, or wanting to eat some chocolate, etc. All such thoughts drive his urge to accomplish them. Therefore, he will keep on wandering in order to fulfill his own desires and passion.

Multiple and directionless thoughts germinate weaknesses and fragility, which are lacking potentials and strength in order to fulfil our desired goals. We are also aware that uncontrolled thoughts drive our urge for various experiences and vices. Thinking unnecessarily exhausts our energy and make us tired. Half hearted or unfocused efforts don’t give success. At the end, we end up killing our conscience and waste a lot of our time.

Meditation is a very good option if we want all these to change. When we meditate, we create positive thoughts which are filled with strenght, patience, purity and they help to realize our goal by the use of virtues and tolerance. Just as science and technology has reduced time through advanced technology; for example, the creation of aeroplanes has saved time in covering distance. Because of the concentration and clarity of thoughts born through meditation, we are able to save a lot of time in completing any task. We are able to catch signals from the Almighty in accomplishing many tasks.

Meditation is a great tool to make our life easy in our busy schedule!