War in the World a lesson to learn

Millions of our brothers and sisters are in trouble, yet we cannot help them, we are helpless. Even the UN also is helpless to an extent. Many of us feel the heat of the growing stress and tension.

Just pause and think for a while “what for are we worried?” Whether we won’t have food and shelter?

In the recent wars of Ukraine or Palestine, families are moving around within the threats of bombardments and gun shots. Just realize the kind of situation an old man or an old woman aged 80 or 85 must be passing through? Many of them must be ill, injured and disabled, what can they do? Family will leave them behind to save themselves. Within all these distress and panic what the toddlers and teenagers would do?

We need to remain satisfied, happy, tolerant, and motivated. Day by day problems are increasing, rather getting complex and invisible. We need to increase our physical and psychological power to face such situations. Physical in the sense: tolerance, persistence and adjustment. The biggest advantage of youth is they have adequate physical strength and stamina. Often, we don’t realize the advantage of the power of the mind and muscles during youth age.

You may be happy, but dissatisfaction is growing in and around among friends and family members, their complaints, their grumbling, their dissatisfactions are increasing. Many times, you may have to listen to their irritations for long hours, holding your own emotion and reaction. It needs a lot of empathy and understanding to face them. Even though people are in much more difficulties, poverty and trouble,  still many are engrossed in marsupial, material, and narcotics pleasure. They are digging their own coffins. Temporary happiness and hedonism under vices bring permanent misery and failures.

Avoidance, ignorance and insensibility don’t reduce problem rather increase. Many of us may have stopped watching news. It is good for positive thinking and meditation, but it doesn’t mean we should run away from reality. We should empathize, sympathize and be generous about the problem of others instead of amplifying our own tiny problems through overthinking and negative thoughts.