Peace, Performance and Progress

Progress in life is entirely dependent on performance. Performance is backed up by the action and the state of mind. Only hard work, action and interaction does not give success until there is an element of pure energy. To be in a congregation of pure souls, who are practising austerity, abstinence, and self-restraint, gives us invisible power, tremendous pure energy. Such groups also transform others in various ways through their pure energy and vibration.

Vulgarity, addiction, indulgence exposes the mind to negative and polluted energy. When we are within a group of undisciplined, addicted and impure souls, it may give momentary peace but it kills the soul psychologically forever. It disturbs the balance of the mind and our aura. This affects our work performance and ultimately progress of our life.

There are various ways to regain the lost energy. One of the most powerful methods is to be within the herds of pure souls as they keep influencing in the positive direction with invisible forces.

Being in a good group is great luck and fortune. Through group tasks and  cohesion a group influences its members towards a positive direction. The positive undercurrent is very high within the group of benevolent souls. The combined positive vibration of such groups solves the problems of the many souls and destroys their obstacles with good wishes. Negative energy destroys each other’s energy, derails the mind from the right track and disturbs the psychological field.  Similarly positive group energy enhances the positivity in the mind, life and in group activities.