Soul Conscious and Supreme Conscious

(A solution to Disharmony and Hostility)

Only solution to extremism and communal thinking is Supreme Consciousness. God is the uniting force behind mankind, not the dividing force. The Supreme Father is the father of all mankind of this Universe. The Father wants harmony, love, peace and unity among his children. Children may be of any religion or communities, yet each of us are the loving and powerful child of the Almighty, the Ocean of Love. A sense of love, affection and peace should spread from our actions, feelings and behaviour. Division, fraction, hatred, enmity, and animosity are not part of our expression and action. The world is in crisis, the crisis of understanding, the crisis of sympathy, the crisis of extremism and the crisis of zero tolerance.

Resources are squeezing and vanishing, expectations are increasing. People are getting addicted to easy money, success, and shortcuts. There is a strong mismatch between ability, expectations, and destinations. Body consciousness is infusing rigidity, timidity, and superiority. False sense of confidence is leading to adversity and conflicts. Combined force of body consciousness is leading to war and civil war. Everyone is a divine spirit and an embodiment of peace, purity, love and divine virtues and on the other hand body consciousness germinates ego, ignorance, selfishness, fear, insecurity and unrest. Being in soul consciousness, being in the remembrance of the Supreme Soul infuses bonding, affection, responsibilities, accuracy, cooperation, solution and harmony in family, society, nations and the world as a whole.