Sense of Unfulfillment vs Sense of Fulfillment

There are several incidents of felony, crime, offence, and law breaking in the country.

Anger, irritation and insecurity are increasing in jobs, businesses and in families. Places are becoming unsafe for several reasons: addiction, lawlessness and falsehood. Fragile and flimsy characters are spreading mistrust. Being happy with the situation and with the self is a great sense of fulfilment. Satisfaction is the best parameter of a successful life. Life with luxury, high status, position along with esteemed relations are just futile against a contended person. We are after so many things. We hardly realize we have already achieved so many stepping stones which we had ever imagined. Still, we keep on thinking what we have not realized or achieved in our lives. We also blame God for our failures and frustrations without realizing our impatient and infatuated aspirations. What people aspire are neither needed nor favourable. Still, like a small stubborn child, we are after something which is not just needed rather harmful. The world is so big and there are many better things in this creation. Be open, creative, and flexible. Living things are filled with joy and intelligence. It is filled with creativity and mystery. Surprises make our life interesting and exciting.

Do not get scared and disturbed by twist and surprises life brings. God has arranged and prepared many good things for you but He is testing your patience, effort, self-confidence and faith on Him.