Silence is Golden

Silence is a word we have all heard so many times and we know its power. Though many feels, silence can make people take advantage of you but the real fact is that it strengthens the roots of resistance within you.   

Silence has been instrumental in avoiding wars, arguments, saving relationships, and creating an environment of peace and happiness. That is what each one of us wants, isn’t it? 

Well! We have all thought and spoken a lot about silence, but this word is followed by GOLDEN. So, I have been pondering and found each letter of GOLDEN had a meaning which I am describing here. 

The first letter is G, and the word that associates with silence is GOD. When we sit in silence, we try to create a communion with the self and then automatically get connected with GOD as he is the ocean of silence. As a father of our soul, he gives us so much love and also touches our minds.

That touching of the mind brings us to the second word, which is OPPORTUNITIES. We have so many opportunities knocking our doors all the time, but we are confused if we should take it or leave it. So, when we sit in silence, our minds and God’s intervention work together to give us clarity on what to choose. 

When we get so much from GOD, we are automatically fulfilled with the third word called LOVE. When anything is filled then it overflows and so we also overflow with selfless love which gives us blessings in return.

The fourth word is DECISION. Silence increases our decision making power. There are many times in life that we are faced with tough situations and we feel stuck. Spending some time of sitting in silence declutters our mind and enables us to take the right decision.

The fifth word is ENTHUSIASM. Now you may ask how silence can bring enthusiasm. Well! All the great inventions were done in silence and the end product was real joy and lots of fame. When we focus with all our energy and see the result, enthusiasm automatically comes.

The last word is NECESSARY. In our life, the mind is always distracted by many things. And silence let us focus on what is important and get rid of what is not.

Lots of hard work along with focusing on whats nexessary, enthusiasm, right decision making, loveful feelings, striking the right opportunities and with the help of GOD can bring true success.

So don’t you think Silence is really GOLDEN.