Karm Yog

Karmyog is doing action with the awareness that Ishwar (the Lord) is the driver behind every action and I am an instrument through whom Ishwar is getting the work done. This awareness has to remain irrespective of the effects of sorroundings and the people around us. Our own mind which is driven by old thinking patterns gets under the influence of body consciousness and tries to bring us down from this awareness. But the ability and the effort to bring back the awareness with an honest heart and intellect helps us to progress and makes each action a service dedicated to Ishwar. This is a constant effort which gradually cleanses the soul and frees us from the old thinking patterns and the sanskars. The ability to keep making this effort wherever drama keeps us and not having to recess to a secluded place or a special place of bhakti is true Karmyog.

by B K Shikha, Noida