Junk and negative thoughts

Have you done this mistake too?

Can you survive on junk food throughout your life and still hope to have an illness free old age?

Your reply will not even take a second to say “No”. Infact there is a high probability that you will get older much faster or may not survive to reach that age.

Can you survive on junk and negative thoughts throughout your life and still hope to have a happy life?

The question might make you think and the answer may not come as instantly as the last one. But we know that the answer for even this is “No”.

If we leave our mind free then most of the times, we will find ourselves thinking about:

  • Problems in our life
  • Any guilt we carry
  • Any pressure / anxiety about achieving a goal
  • Anything we are afraid of
  • Attraction

None of these thoughts except probably the last one, we would like to consciously bother our mind with. Infact even thinking about any attraction for long creates heaviness in the mind.

Then why don’t we pay much attention to the quality of our thoughts?

The reasons can be many:

  • The food we are eating can be seen and hence questioned by our friends and family. Unfortunately, it is much difficult to figure out what is going on in someone’s mind and therefore difficult to check. Imagine a scenario when anyone could read anyone’s mind, how many people would you be willing to meet?
  • Maintaining healthy thoughts needs much more attention and vigilance than maintaining healthy eating habits.
  • There isn’t much awareness about the importance of maintaining good quality of thoughts and the consequences of keeping negative and waste thoughts in our mind.
  • People face the lack of guidance to improve their quality of thoughts.

There has been enough research to prove that a lot of illnesses are psychosomatic. Poor quality of thoughts, overthinking triggers chemicals in our body which lead to physical manifestations in form of diseases.

Rajayoga meditation at the Brahma Kumaris has helped many people come out of depression, addiction and when practiced on a daily basis, it has helped millions to live a life of progress, self-respect and purpose. It trains us on numerous techniques to take care of our thoughts and to be a happier person. This not only leads to success in personal life but fuels growth in our career too.

With the rising level of stress and depression in the world, it is high time we pay attention to our quality of thoughts before it gets too late.