Thinking Clearly is important but not Intensely

Clear thinking is an important art. Children think much clearly than the elders. Their thinking is a bit slow but effective. With age, the speed of thinking increases, sometimes abnormally fast. Many develop brakeless thinking, an uncontrolled flow of thoughts or mood swinging. Many a time one cannot think properly, the mind becomes dumb. Thinking is generating energy if we keep proper control on it, then it enables a safe and happy life. Energy out of control is a disaster. No energy means sign of poverty and under-development.

The Art of thinking means to have a framework of the mind with a stable, balanced, and focused thoughts, which makes life joyous and loving. This is an art. The way any art like the one of singing, or dancing or even painting is fun but it needs to be mastered. And for that it needs rigorous effort, a few considered to be experts. In the same way thinking can be joyous, positive, fun, loving if we get mastery over it. For that, it needs systematic effort, and determination.

Meditation is an art of molding, managing, and empowering the self to think necessary, productive, and positive. Mastery on thinking right needs an understanding of life. We gain the understanding of the world and self by listening to the daily Murli of the Brahma Kumaris. Murli is the flute of knowledge, it is the verse of Supreme Father. It gives clarity of life and the world. Life has different perspectives, phases, alternatives, transitions, and dynamisms. Knowledge guides and shapes the thinking process. A guided and excited mind is motivated to take the challenges to achieve higher goal. It guides to have constant supervision on the self for a higher goal and a better life. The foundation of a better life depends on the streamlined and stable thought process. The 7 days course offered by the Brahma Kumaris is an effective tool to mold the mind towards positive thinking with understanding. Emotionally one can be on the right path and may retract back to negativity but emotion and passion with understanding make things stable and permanent.