Mobile (Gadget) De-addiction

Cell phone, Smart phone, which in general parlance called ‘mobile’ is one of the greatest technological revolution in the history of mankind and has an immense impact on everyone’s life. In fact, it has become an impartial part of our life. Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to imagine human beings without mobiles. However, like any other thing, mobile has its own merits and demerits. Excessive usage of mobile or any other such gadget (viz. tablet, laptop, etc.) or artifact leads to an addiction, which is dangerously affecting our physical, mental, emotional & social health. It’s very important to address this issue. Therefore, I am sharing few of my thoughts, views & experiences to overcome this new-age disease called ‘mobile addiction’:

  1. As we need to recharge with talk-time our mobiles, we should need to have a ‘self-talk-time’. Unless any urgency, we can strictly avoid the usage of mobile from 10 pm through 6 am next morning. Keep reserve this time for yourself. Imbibe & maintain a distinct habit of ‘self-talk’. Within few days, you’ll thoroughly enjoy the benefits and realise its importance.
  2. You can read printed books & not their e-versions called ‘e-books’. Reading printed books has altogether a very unique kind of pleasure. You can set a target of reading at least a book per month. You may say that e-books are environment-friendly, however, kindly note the respective gadget needs energy.
  3. If you are not much interested in reading, no issues; you can go for spending or rather investing time in nurturing other hobbies like cooking, painting, gardening, singing, biking, cycling, trekking etc. the list is endless. This will connect you with your own self & the beautiful nature as well.