What is your source of confidence?

When you wear a very beautiful dress and go to a party then even if someone does not talk to you, you remain confident that the other person might be jealous of you and therefore not talking to you. Every day there are so many things that become the proxy of our confidence and stabilizes us in different situations.

A dress still has a temporary impact. What if you receive 5 compliments in the party and are feeling at the top of the world but then another person receives 20 compliments. All of a sudden you might not feel as valued as you were feeling minutes ago.

A lot of us have worked hard in our lives to achieve a position. Whenever we meet anyone, we talk about our background and earn a lot of respect for that. Sometimes even their jealousy gives us an assurance that we have established our identity.

All those who have retired would realize that this also comes with an expiry date. Moreover, positions are no longer that secure in this world of uncertainties. Tomorrow, you might not have the capacity to hold on to your source of power as you are physically and mentally so drained out that you do not have enough energy in you to carry own with a hollow tag.

This impermanence often leads to so many questions and worries in our minds.

What can then become the source of our confidence that would always remain with us?

The remembrance that you are a soul and a child of the omnipotent God authorize you to have all His powers to deal with any situation or person. This remembrance will make you strong enough to conduct yourself with enthusiasm, calmness and stability. Would a king start talking like a beggar when he meets one? No, never. His own sense of identity would be so strong in him that he would not let the vibrations of a beggar influence his behavior. Similarly, the belief of being a God’s child will overpower the energy you receive from outside.

To remain in this remembrance is easier said than done and every time when your expectations are not met or you are dealt with unfairly, your reactions would try to overpower your newly acquired sense of confidence. But every time you feel a little shaken from your stable self, remind yourself of your true identity and regain your sense of contentment. You might fail a lot of times in this but continue reminding yourself and slowly the powers and quality of God will emerge in you.

Keep trying, for in your efforts lies your progress and success.

by Neeti Kumar