Friendship Day

All of us want to have fun in life and how easy it is to have some when we have some friends around. Friendship is one of the most beautiful relationships we can have where we are able to share our happiness, sorrows and also have a good time playing with each other or just growing up together.

I remember my childhood days when I had so much time that I actively looked for friendship to pass my time merrily. As I grew up, academics took a lot of my time and slowly the pressures of finding the right job, having a great career swept in.

In the hectic life today, where I am caught up in managing work, family and life, there is little time for friendship. I am so busy delivering on my own expectations and that of others, that friendship takes a back seat. I also trust people lesser when I grow up and I want to be surrounded by people who can benefit me.

How then can I nurture my friendship?

The Supreme Soul says that there is one thing which everyone needs – whether friends or strangers; rich or poor and that is sympathy. The ability to understand the perspective of the other person. Even if we don’t have time or trust others less, if we give some attention to the story on the other side and just become a well-wisher, it will go a long way in maintaining our relations or even creating new friends.

The vibrations of good wishes will slowly change our thinking and that of others. Thus, we will be able to create time / ways of reaching out to each other. Through our good wishes and cooperation, our outer world will become a safer and more beautiful place to live in as we would find more people with whom we can share ourselves and who would be there with us in times of need.

So, this Friendship Day, on 7th August, let’s celebrate by sending good wishes to all our friends.